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Born in 1984 Otwock (Poland), currently lives and works in Mexico City.

Graduated as a Master of Arts from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. She also studied at School of Visual Arts in New York, Universidad del País Vasco in Bilbao, Spain and oriental techniques at master Xuan Chieu’s studio in Vietnam.

Firląg’s artistic proposal is located within the field of formal aspects including elements such as fragmentation and the relationship with the space.

She conceives the artistic meditation in coexistence with the confection and recycling of the matter to transform it into raw material; from the dust and the orange peel to the shattered pieces of glass. All these material becomes again and again into another matter.

Her nomadic nature and nostalgia resulted in the cultivation of tenderness towards distant cultures, syncretism and skills of fast assimilation, same in life and artistic work.

In 2010 and 2015 Firląg received a fellowship from the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs for artistic projects. In 2020 she participated in QiPo Art Fair, during Art Week Mexico City, Our Own Room international project and also received a fellowship from The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland and Ministry of Culture of Mexico.

She took part in an artist-in-residence program at the ROX gallery in New York City, Zona_seis at the Luis Adelantado Gallery and [R.A.T.] in Mexico City.

Among her group and solo shows are: Water no get enemy, History Museum of Acapulco, Mexico; Red Skin-Blue Blood performans, Numismatic Museum, Mexico City, Mexico; Enceradas, Aramauca, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico; Exiting the center, Arsenał Gallery, Białystok, Poland; Luis Adelantado Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico; Fashion Art EU, The European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain; Fashion Art EU, The European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium; Common thing? The Banker’s Club of The Polish Bank Association, Warsaw, Poland; The compounding edge con E. Thurston Belmer, Salomon Art Gallery, New York City, USA; POLISH, Rox Gallery, New York City, USA,; Bushwick Open Studios (Bat Hous), New York City, USA; X, Diez,Museum of Modern Art Raul Anguiano, Guadalajara, Mexico; Art piecework -during Future Shorts, Saigon, Vietnam; endlessly, Promocyjna Gallery, Warsaw, Poland; The Great Glass, Sector Reforma Arte Contemporaneo, Guadalajara, Mexico; Broken: reflejos íntimos, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City, Mexico; Diary, Gallery of Action in Warsaw, Poland

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