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Project by Magdalena Firląg and Liliana García Cuèllar, performance premier at The Numismatic Museum, Mexico City

Interdisciplinary performance that shows the dynamics of change that occur in the links of what we are and what we pretend to be. Handmade materials and textures are the starting point for an action of art and body. By alternative media the public is invited to reflect on their beliefs, prejudices, as well as perceptions of the environment and vice versa. Usually the first confrontation with “the other” is superficial, the first link happens through the observation of ways of dressing, the color of the skin or eyes, posture, movement of the body, even the hairs over the skin, etc. For the same reason these elements are often modified, to create another image, another version of oneself; complying with current beauty standards. These transformations do not always turn out as expected. For example, acts such as hiding ones’ roots, to try to be socially accepted or to change the color of skin tone, epilation, etc., move us to another self. Sometimes an alienated self looking outside the boundaries of the essential being.

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