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Glass mosaic on board, 5x14 ft., 2014


Site-specific project for Gowanus Ballroom, Brooklyn NY Work was present during +Concerning matter+ show at Gowanus Ballroom in 2014 +In Concerning Matter, materialism is the primary approach for artists who refuse to operate solely in a conceptual sphere. Matter-based signifiers emerge through the works on view to tease and provoke consciousness. Keenly honed sensorial experiences become the proving ground for social, physical, and intellectual forays. Through the manipulation of organic and inorganic forms, issues of mortality, mourning, memory, bodily preoccupation and spatial interaction are investigated. Situated within this context, matter itself becomes vital. Crucial, not because of the ways it can be commodified, but because the materials at hand, flour and resin, shattered glass and mud, LED panels and aluminum, become vehicles for profound exploration. Not disheartened by the pervasiveness of the physical, the artists in Concerning Matter are invigorated by what we have in front of us—what we can hold in our hands and explore with our senses. New forms emerge out of matter–matter conceived as enfolding creative potential. Art yet unmade.

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